muffin studios

About muffin studios

Muffin studios was founded in 1907 by a group of aliens.  The head founders name was footslogging.  Here is a painting of footslogging.

It was founded to remove the kidneys of humans.   It was run by the aliens until 1949, when a horseshoe crab named Bob ate them all.  Here is a picture of Bob.

Bob ran the company as a restaurant until December 2009 when Obama passed a law preventing horseshoe crabs from owning restaurants.  Kevin then bought the company in exchange for taking care of Bob.  At first Bob declined the deal, but then Kevin offered 200,000,000,000,000,000,000 pictures of cute cats.  This is a picture of Kevin and Bob.

Kevin decided to start making videos on March 14, 2010.  Shortly after his first video muffin studios was bought out by Nom Nom Network Studios.  Kevin still operates muffin studios, but under the rule of Nom Nom Network.  Here is the Nom Nom Network website!! 

That is the end of the tour.  I shall now throw you out of the 3rd story window of museum.  BYE BYE. :)

About Me

Well.. you know me.  I'm Kevin.  here is a documentary about me.

I am Kevin here me roar!

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